2015 Hannibal Clemens Conference Gallery

July 23-25, 2015

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Photos and captions by Kent Rasmussen unless otherwise noted.


A welcome addition to Hannibal’s historical museums is Jim’s Journey: The Huck Finn Freedom Center,
a block inland from the Boyhood Home. Housed in a building believed to have been built by slaves
around 1839, the museum celebrates local African American history

Faye Dant (in blue), the museum’s founder and director, explaining an exhibit to visitors. 


Pat Ober presenting his aptly titled paper, “Paralyzed with Fright.”


John Bird, Kevin Mac Donnell, Richard Henzel, John Pascal, Mike Eckman, Steve Webb,
and others in various states of paralysis. 


Larry Berkove presenting “The Influence on Mark Twain of the Matter of the West.” An impressive aspect
of the conference was the number of papers on subjects other than Huckleberry Finn. (Lou Budd would have approved.) 


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