2015 Hannibal Clemens Conference Gallery

July 23-25, 2015

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Photos and captions by Kent Rasmussen unless otherwise noted.


These children climbing on the statue got the idea from seeing me trying to clear away cobwebs.
The face on the statue, incidentally, is modeled on the 1858 photo of Mark Twain show in the inset image.

One of my disappointments this year was learning that Lula Belle’s quaint
bed-and-breakfast place has closed. This 2013 pictures shows Lula Belle’s from the grass-covered levee.


Floodgate position at the foot of Hill Street in a 2012 Google picture. It costs the city
$6,000 each time gates are moved. Lula Belle’s can be seen just next to the levee in the distance.


A bordello during the 1920s, Lula Belle’s offered B&B guests rooms with such amenities as heart-shaped
bathtubs. Could two people really fit in such a tub? Tim Champlin seemed to be waiting to find out in 2013. 


Henry Sweets explaining printers’ type cases at the Boyhood Home museum. 


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