2015 Hannibal Clemens Conference Gallery

July 23-25, 2015

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Photos and captions by Kent Rasmussen unless otherwise noted.


Hannibal’s old business districts have many shuttered storefronts, but an encouraging sign
of redevelopment has emerged at the north end of Main Street, near the Tom and Huck statue.
This 2012 Google picture shows the abandoned auto dealership that is now the Mark Twain Brewing Co.,
a trendy pub doing good business on Friday afternoon.

I rather like this picture of the Tom and Huck statue I took during the 2011 conference
but haven’t had a chance to show it to anyone before now.


I took this picture of Main Street in May 2013, a day or two after a 100-mph wind whipped through Hannibal,
blowing the roof off the 19th-century building at the right and doing extensive damage throughout the town.
Amazingly, no one seems to have been seriously injured. 


Among the many trees knocked down in 2013 was this conifer,
which crushed a pickup truck while just missing a house. 


This view of the Mark Twain pilot statue by the river shows
how much damage the powerful wind did to trees along the Illinois shoreline.


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